Eikefjord is situated in the eastern part of the municipal of Kinn, Vestland on the west coast of Norway . You will find Eikefjord in the inner end of one of the west coast fjords. Once this was a farming community, now it is a small village where people live in idyllic surroundings.
You can easily reach the centre Florø ( 25 km west) and Førde ( 33 km east)  thanks to the new built road between Florø and Førde.
In the area there are cabins and houses available to rent. Please contact Fjordkysten (+47 57 74 75 05) for more information.
Sites in Eikefjord centre and its surroundings are planned. For more information please contact Kinn municipal (+47 57 75 60 00).


Eikefjord primary school is located in the centre of the community. There are 10 classes with 11 - 25 pupils. There is also a kindergarten with 3 sections, located 5 - 10 minutes to walk from the centre.
In Eikefjord we have following services: a Café with Norwegian Tie Museum, a Bank, Post services, Camping, Service station, car services, grocery and flowers. There is also plumber stores and an electrician store. We have an area for Industrial services, located ca.2,5 km west of Eikefjord centre. This area contents a slip for boats and engineering industry.
On the other sides of the fjord, you can find some fishing farms for Salmon and Cod.


The white painted church, surrounded by beautiful nature lies near the bay. There is also our new built Centre, "Omsorgstunet" where the oldest people can rent flats. "Omsorgstunet" has a 24-hour nursing services taking care of the people who needs help.
In the same area you can find our "Allhus", a building to rent for celebrations, weddings, small meetings etc. Here you can also find Library services 3 times a week and a Cinema twice a month.


Eikefjord has different clubs and organisations. The largest is the athletic association with mainly football activities but also track and field and ski activities. We have also a brass-band, a youth-club with activities for children and youngsters, a choir for grown people.



The Marina is beautifully placed near the sandy beach; witch is often used at summertime.

There are very fine fishing grounds at "Kalveskinnshavet" the inner part of the fjord, and if you rather prefer to take a walk in the mountains, there are many fantastic tour pats. Look at the pictures on the link "Aktiv fritid" to see the fantastic view from the mountains.


Eikefjord welcomes everybody to visit us or settle down in this community, a central part of "Sunnfjord" with good communications, good services, beautiful nature, various activities and inhabitants that welcome you!


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